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Take credit for là gì

Take credit for là gì
“Take/get credit (for something)” hoặc “have the credit of” = hưởng công trạng về (việc gì) -> được công nhận, khen ngợi, tán thành cho điều gì (không cần biết xứng đáng hay không).
Ví dụ
Presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg gets credit for leading New York “through” the 9/11 attacks in a campaign ad (chiến dịch quảng cáo).
Mocking (chế nhạo) an earlier Obama tweet as a “con job,” Trump blasted (phá hoại) Obama for “now trying to take credit for the economic boom taking place under the Trump administration (chính quyền).”
Frank Lampard spoke to the media after his press conference (cuộc họp báo) today, and while the focus was heavily on him and his changes to the lineup (đội hình) and formation, the manager himself wanted the players to take the credit.
Income inequality (bất bình đẳng thu nhập) has started shrinking (thu hẹp) in Canada, and policies designed to help low-income earners (người có thu nhập thấp)― including minimum wage hikes (tăng mức lương tối thiểu)― can take credit for some of that.
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