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Social butterfly là gì

Social butterfly là gì

Social butterfly‘ = một người dễ hòa nhập trong các buổi tiệc, sự kiện, hòa mình vào đám đông; giao thiệp rộng, giao du lông bông
Social butterfly là gì
Ví dụ:
  1. He’s such a social butterfly!
    Anh ta quả là một người giao du lông bông!
  2. In the past, I was a social butterfly.
    Khi xưa tôi là người giao du lông bông.
How to survive the festive season – when you’re a social butterfly and your partner gets pre-party nerves
You’re typically a social butterfly, but all of a sudden you have no time for anything extracurricular (bên ngoài, ngoại khóa). Your inherent (vốn có, cố hữu) desire for independence is also amplified (phóng đại, mở rộng).
Simpson spoke to People in July 2019 about the trials (thử thách) and tribulations (vất vả) of raising three kids under the age of seven. “Three kids is no joke …They are all in such different phases now.” She went on to explain that “Maxi” is a “social butterfly with a passion for animals,” and Ace is “obsessed with sports.”
All Anna*, 49, wants for Christmas is not to fall out with her husband, Paul*. ‘We have very different attitudes to alcohol these days – I’m a social butterfly and at my happiest with a glass of fizz in my hand, whereas he’ll nurse (nâng niu, giữ) one craft beer all evening, and insist on driving home just as I’m warming up on the dance floor,’ she sighs.
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