Put aside là gì

Put aside là gì
“Put (something) aside” = Gạt điều gì sang một bên -> tạm thời ngừng tập trung hoặc không chú ý tới việc gì; giữ lại điều gì cho mục đích sau này.
Ví dụ
Around 7.5 million workers with no savings are being urged to put money aside every month in a new industry initiative.
Cape Town – South Africa’s Lee-Anne Pace and popular French golfer Anne-Lise Caudal will put their long-lasting friendship aside when they tee it up in the Cape Town Ladies Open at King David Mowbray Golf Club from January 29-31.
Marc Serré said the government put a lot of money aside for Fednor– $68 million– in the last budget for connectivity. That means areas that are under-serviced or are bogged down (bị sa lầy) by slower speeds, may be getting a hand.