Pay off là gì?

Pay off là gì
Pay off’ nghĩa là có lợi nhuận, thành công (to result in profit or advantage; succeed); ngoài ra còn có nghĩa khác đơn giản là trả hết nợ nần.
Ví dụ
Your efforts will eventually pay off.
All the hard work I had done over the summer paid off.
Oracle’s ‘obsession’ with the cloud could pay off later on.
Dyson’s battery investment may pay off big for all.
Despite lower gas prices and reduced unemployment, most Americans are taking advantage of their savings at the pump to cover basic needs and pay off debt.
U.S. Presidents and Ireland: A Bond That Would Pay Off:… When the first shamrocks (cây lá chụm ba, quốc huy của Ireland) were delivered by an Irish taoiseach to the White House in 1952, President Harry Truman wasn’t even at home. But several U.S. presidents have journeyed to Ireland in the past five decades, and the political bonds between the two nations have become not only strong but substantive (trọng yếu, lớn lao)… Although many early presidents claimed some Irish ancestry (tổ tiên), the first Irish-American who was also Roman Catholic to occupy the Oval Office was John F. Kennedy.
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