Pay a visit là gì

Pay a visit là gì
Pay a visit là gì
“Pay (someone or something) a visit” -> Ghé thăm hoặc xem ai/điều gì.
Ví dụ
SUMMER is in full swing now and it’s the time of year when all the royals pay a visit to the Queen at her Scottish retreat (nơi ẩn dật), Balmoral Castle.
During the eight days, 140 people came by to wish her well and pay a visit, which she enjoyed. Daughter Nelda Thompson noted that her mom was excited by the visit of the two deputies (người đại biểu), three firefighters, four police and special visitor K-9 Hansel.
He will also pay a visit to the Vinfast automobile manufacturing factory of VinGroup and the Noi Bai Industrial Zone (vùng công nghiệp) which is managed by a Malaysian-Vietnamese joint venture (doanh nghiệp liên doanh) company. PM Mahathir attended the ground-breaking (động thổ) ceremony of the industrial zone during his previous Vietnam visit in 1998, the Malaysian diplomat (nhà ngoại giao) said.
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