Out of order là gì

Out of order là gì
‘Out of order’ có từ order là trật tự, nội quy, thủ tục; vì thế cụm từ này nghĩa là không đúng nội quy, không đúng thủ tục/trình tự (not in the correct sequence); và nghĩa khác là xấu, hỏng (máy) (not working properly or at all).
Ví dụ
When a fire breaks out, the last thing one would want is for the fire extinguisher (bình dập lửa, bình cứu hỏa) to be broken or the alarm (còi báo động) to be out of order.
There’s an old auto repair shop in Tumwater, just behind Pints Barn. The former garage is filled with out-of-order arcade games, beer signs, and a full forge shop, where Mareko Maumasi, owner of Maumasi Fire Arts, builds masterpieces.
Kasama Central Constituency, were out of order to have conducted themselves in the manner that they did.
The amendment was rejected by the chair of the Senate, who called it out of order because it was not germane (thích hợp, phù hợp) to the highway bill.