On top of là gì?

Hỏi: On top of là gì
‘On top of that’ = trên cả điều đó -> ngoài ra, thêm vào đó.
Ví dụ
That means Bitcoin miners (người đào Bitcoin) are spending half a million dollars an hour to keep the network running. Which seems a lot but is still lower than the $750,000 that they can take home in block rewards (with transaction fees on top of that).
“People seem to believe we could see some progress in the trade negotiations with China,” the “Mad Money” host said. “Personally, I’m skeptical … but hope springs eternal. And, on top of that, there’s a belief that the Federal Reserve has no choice but to cut interest rates (cắt giảm lãi suất) after Friday’s not-so-hot employment number.”
When you become a development executive, you go from being what’s known as an internal (nội bộ) executive to an external (đối ngoại) one, and if you were the social kid in high school, this is the job for you. But if you were the bookish (người ham mê sách, mọt sách) kid who was happiest working intently with a couple of friends in the library, be careful what you wish for. Now I was out awkwardly attempting to socialize at lunches and meetings all day. On top of that, the pace of the process began to feel glacial (đóng băng). It could take ages—literally years—for a film to be made, and I got the sinking feeling that I was in the wrong job.
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