Manner maketh man là gì

Manner maketh man là gì
Manner maketh man là gì
Manners maketh man” = nhân cách tạo nên con người -> nghĩa là một người chính trực sẽ có ý thức mạnh mẽ về đạo đức.
Ví dụ
Just as manners maketh man, wheels maketh car. No car is complete or correct without the right set of wheels. There exist several cars which are best known for the wheels they wear, and it wouldn’t do to change them, but many others can be elevated well beyond their station with a proper set of aftermarket (sản phẩm độ) good looking metal rounders.
Manners maketh man. Are we sure about that? After all, the country that gave us that saying gave us Geordie Shore and became world champions (vô địch thế giới) of the terribly unmannerly (thiếu lễ độ, vô lễ, không lịch sự, mất dạy, vô giáo dục) practice (hành động/thông lệ) of colonialism (chủ nghĩa thực dân). Besides, what’s the point of being able to “properly” arrange cutlery (nghề làm dao kéo) at a dinner table?
MANNERS maketh man, goes the old saying, highlighting (nhấn mạnh) the important role etiquette (phép lịch sự) has always played in society. Things change over the years, of course – when was the last time you saw a man putting down his coat over a puddle for a woman? – but what we say and how we behave in public still matters.
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