Make my day là gì?

Make my day là gì
Make my day là gì
“Make my day” = làm cho ngày của tôi tốt hơn. Cụm từ này có nghĩa là làm cho họ vui lên, hạnh phúc hoặc cảm thấy tốt hơn. Đây là một cụm từ rất phổ biến trong tiếng Anh.
Ví dụ
“By telling me that I’m accepted to this job, she really makes my day”
We’ve had about an hour of Luke-free bliss (niềm vui) this episode, so it’s quite jarring (khó chịu) when the action cuts back to the hotel room just in time to hear Luke say this: “At this point, to see someone come in and take [Mike’s] suitcase? That’d make my day.”
Happy Canada Day! Did you know the first feet on the Moon during the Apollo landing were Canadian? As I prepare for the traditional dip (tắm) in a paddling pool (bể bơi cạn) full of maple syrup, it would make my day to hear your opinion — positive or critical (phê bình) — about this newsletter.
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