Make a fortune là gì

Make a fortune là gì
Make a fortune” nghĩa là làm giàu, gây dựng gia tài và kiếm cả mớ tiền.
Ví dụ
Small business owners (chủ sở hữu kinh doanh nhỏ) spurred (khích lệ, khuyến khích, thúc đẩy) by being own boss (tự làm sếp) rather than making a fortune.
Abi discovered (phát hiện, khám phá) she could make a fortune from sneezing (hắt xì) videos on YouTube after a clip she shared from a project blew up (nổ bung, thổi bay) after she posted it.
That’s the challenge with high-earning professionals (những ngành nghề lương cao). Being intelligent and making a fortune does not mean you know what to do with it when you have it. These careers also take more time to start bearing fruit (đón nhận thành quả). That extra time puts the professional behind on their savings goals (những mục tiêu tiết kiệm), which creates an even greater need to be really good savers when they start making money.