Keep you posted là gì?

Hỏi: Keep you posted là gì
“Keep someone posted” = thông báo cho ai đó biết -> tiếp tục cập nhật thông tin cho ai đó để họ hiểu được tình hình hiện tại, thường được dùng trong lĩnh vực kế toán.
Ví dụ
We had to be out of town for a week during this process due to an unplanned family medical emergency, and Catherine kept us posted and even emailed pictures when a change was needed and she wanted our approval.
We hope you will follow us and keep us posted on things that are important for your business. Start a conversation with us through these social channels, send us an email or give us a call. Your input is critical to our efforts.
“You put any extra funds back into your business in order to launch a product. My teenage son is my priority, if he wants he gets, and I do without. I keep him posted every day on developments in the business, and we’ve had to sacrifice luxuries to make it work.”
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