Keep in touch nghĩa là gì?

Keep in touch nghĩa là gì
Keep in touch meaning

Keep in touch: có nghĩa là Nhớ giữ liên lạc!

Keep in touch nghĩa là gì
Keep in touch meaning

Ví dụ:

Let’s keep in touch.
–>Chúng mình hãy giữ liên lạc với nhau.
We’ll keep in touch.
–>Chúng ta sẽ giữ liên lạc nhé.
Keep in touch, bye!
–>Nhớ giữ liên lạc nhé, tạm biệt!
–>They know that I’ll get in contact they’ll likely to see me in the next few months, or I’ll get in contact if there’s a birthday or a baby, but apart from that, I really don’t keep in touch very well.I ‘m really bad at keeping in touch.
–>And I just moved from my hometown to Sacremento so it’s a good way to keep in touch with old friends.
–>Do you still keep in touch with him?
–>Please leave your resume, I will keep in touch with you.
–>Keep in touch, and good luck with your new job.
–>When you ‘re in a long – distance relationship, you have to do a lot of calling and texting, not to mention updating social media websites to stay in touch.

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