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Hole in the wall là gì?

Hole in the wall là gì?
Hole in the wall” = lỗ trên tường -> một nơi nhỏ, không dễ thấy, thường là một nhà hàng, câu này đôi khi nhưng không phải lúc nào cũng có ý nghĩa tiêu cực, ngụ ý một nơi được nhận thấy là không thể có tai tiếng bằng một cách nào đó.
Ví dụ
She opened her first restaurant, a tiny hole-in-the-wall kind of place, in 2007. “I used to cater from home (phục vụ tại nhà) before,” she explains. “I had my kids very young so I didn’t have many choices. I sold cookies and catered from home until I decided to open a restaurant. “I started the business with no knowledge, no nothing. I never worked in a restaurant before, in a kitchen before, but I learned,” she adds. “I didn’t know how difficult it is. It was going from a small kitchen at home to a commercial kitchen (bếp thương mại), which was very difficult.”
The quiet far east side of Murray Hill now has a sleek new restaurant and cafe from Hole in the Wall, the Australian restaurant that’s a hidden gem (viên ngọc ẩn) of the Financial District.
He sits in his tiny hole in the wall shop, sending mails to prospective clients (khách hàng tiềm năng) or responding to queries (trả lời những câu truy vấn) from buyers from across the country.

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