Help yourself là gì?

Help yourself là gì?
Help yourself là gì?
“Help yourself” = Tự giúp bản thân -> Cứ thoải mái tự nhiên như ở nhà, muốn lấy gì, làm gì thì cứ làm không cần xin phép ai cả nhá.
Ví dụ
“It’s a way to help yourself in a positive way because it can be frustrating,” Fickell said. “Not that it means you’re going to find a better d-line coach or wide receivers coach, but you’re going to find something your program needs. I try to look at it as an opportunity.”
James “Boobie” Williams is sitting on a plush (vải nhung) black chair in the Green Bay Packers’ players lounge. His hands are clasped (được gài), his mind busy. The undrafted running back out of Washington State just worked out for an hour, hoping to impress Green Bay’s staff into signing him. A member of the staff tells him help yourself while they deliberate—but how can he make himself at home when he does not have a home, a meaning, a team? When all of this could end tomorrow? End in an hour?
Off to the side of the house is an old building he plans to restore into a honeymoon bungalow (nhà gỗ). He said his grandfathers on both the Martin and Hunt side originally worked out of it — one as a dentist and the other as a barber — in the town of Lattimore, and it was later moved to its current location years later. Martin said he believes the small town setting is just what people are looking for. “Come help yourself” he said.
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