For a while là gì?

For a while là gì
‘For a while’ nghĩa là trong một khoảng thời gian (ngắn), ‘một thời gian’, ‘có thời gian’…
Ví dụ
Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may not be available for a while after its announcement.
When you have the liberty of time, you can invest it in building and developing other meaningful relationships which you have ignored for a while.
Often, people tend to forget what they are looking for in their partners and that might lead to emotional and even physical dissatisfaction. When you spend a considerable amount of time analsying yourself (suy xét bản thân), you tend to deduce (suy ra, suy luận, suy diễn) what qualities (phẩm chất) you would like him/her to have be it passion, compassion, idealism, religious views (quan điểm tôn giáo), political views (quan điểm chính trị), or even sexual compatibility (hòa hợp về tình dục). Remaining unattached for a while taking time to gain perspective in this regard often gives more clarity.
Crime analyst (nhà phân tích tội phạm) Mark Baughman says the reform is long overdue, but he supports the President’s Executive Order and insists it can still expand. “It’s a start, as it progresses we will see how the first objectives are obtained and how we get to that point,” said Baughman. “Acts of abuse have been going on for a while, they are very isolated when they do occur and they’re get exposed like they have been. With the way social media is now, people have phones with cameras on them to video things, a lot more is captured.”
Streicher paved the way for the Nuremberg Laws of 1935. These statutes negated (phủ định, phủ nhận; thừa nhận sự không tồn tại của; tước bỏ) the German citizenship of Jews, forbade (ngăn cấm, cấm đoán) marriages between Jews and German Christians, and prevented Jews from being teachers in state schools or holding many other professional positions. As a result, Louis Kissinger was suddenly deemed unfit to teach true Germans and lost the job of which he was so proud. For a while, he worked to establish a Jewish vocational school (trường dạy nghề) in Furth, where he taught accounting. But he was a broken man, humbled and humili­ated (xấu hổ, nhục nhã) by forces of hatred that his kindly soul could not comprehend (không thể hiểu được).
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