Fall short of là gì

Fall short of là gì
Fall short of là gì
Fall short‘ nghĩa là không đạt được mục tiêu theo yêu cầu, thiếu hụt hay không thỏa đáng (be deficient or inadequate; fail to reach a required goal; be insufficient, be wanting, be lacking, disappoint; not come up to scratch, not come up to snuff); và nghĩa khác là không trúng mục tiêu (nói về tên lửa, fail to reach its target).
Ví dụ
Cloud-computing promises fall short.
Queensland students fall short in digital skills.
Funding for courthouse renovations may fall short.
Tradition matters because it is not given to societies to proceed through history as if they had no past and as if every course of action were available to them. They may deviate from the previous trajectory only within a finite margin. The great statesmen act at the outer limit of that margin. If they fall short, the society stagnates. If they exceed it, they lose the capacity to shape posterity.
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